Aims & Advantages of Portage Services

Aims of Portage Services

  • Early Identification of children at risk of developmental delays/learning disabilities/mental retardation.

  • Maintaining a child's current skills and strengths.

  • Helping the child acquire new developmental skills.

  • Improving the child's and family's quality of life.

  • Arranging Referral services for the children whenever required.

  • Motivating, awakening and mobilizing the community.

  • Educating and Training parents including those of the slum areas and illiterate parents for educating their children.

  • Utilizing existing community resources and infrastructure at pre-school level.

  • Providing Educational, Vocational and Personal guidance.

Advantages of Portage Service

  • Is cost effective.

  • Utilizes community's resources rather than highly qualified staff.

  • Stresses upon parental involvement as a natural therapists. Also parents as consumers feel more involved.

  • Follows a highly structured design yet it is simple in its implementation.

  • Stresses upon systematic, step by step skill training.

  • Focuses on priority area of National Policy of Education in India.

  • Can be modified according to the specific needs.

  • Robustness of the material and processes.

  • International, cross-cultural research and development base.

  • Results in Increased I.Q. and cognitive abilities.

  • Helps in language enrichment and acquisition of better self-help skills.

  • Reduces possibilities of developing secondary disabilities and behavior excesses.