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Certificate Course of Management & Training for Learning Disabled (LD

Mode of Education - Distance Learning
Registration & Prospectus: Rs. 500/-
Course Fees: For Fee and Other Details Contact Us.
Eligibility: Graduation or equivalent. (Preference given to Teachers)
Approved By: International Portage Association (USA).

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Course Details
Learning Disability is a genetic term that refers to a heterogeneous group of disorders manifested by significant difficulties in the acquisition and use of listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning , mathematical abilities etc.


Learning Disability has grown to be the largest category of exceptional learners. At least 20 to 25% children in normal, primary and middle schools suffer from mild, moderate or severe Learning Disabilities, e.g. dyslexia, dyscalculia etc.

Objectives of the Course

  1. The Course is designed to facilitate the identification and remediation of learning disability/disabilities.

  2. Developing the skills for handling various kinds of learning disabilities such as those in the learning of language (e.g. reading, writing, spelling and comprehension) and mathematics (dyscalculia).

  3. Aiding trained personnel to help students in enhancing their academic achievements and percentage of marks in various subjects as a result of reduction in language and mathematical disabilities.

  4. Reducing possibility of developing Secondary Disabilities and behavioral Problems.

  5. Increasing cognitive abilities.

  6. Improving the quality of life of the Target Group and consequently their families.

  7. Training would be given in INCLUSIVE SETTING so as to prepare children for regular schools.

Reasons you might like to join this course


  1. Information and Awareness of prevalence of LD, in Elementary classes or Pre-Elementry classes (20-30%)

  2. Identification & Diagnostic assessment.

  3. Special Counselling for reducing LD.

  4. In-service / Pre-service staff training for improvement of LD children in:
    a) Coordination and spatial awareness
    b) Short term memory for visual and auditory information

  5. Improvement of spoken language.

  6. Better acquisition and efficiency of written language, regarding writing, spelling and comprehension.

  7. Acquisition, efficiency and grasp of mathematical concepts.

  8. Quality 'Inclusive' education.

  9. Reduce Drop-outs, failures, under-achievers and low achievers in language and mathematics and ultimately improve academic achievement, enhance sustainability.

  10. Boost self esteem, self confidence, and adjustment of LD children.

  11. Positive input, "Returns" of parents of LD children.

Course Structure
The course is designed to include sending of lessons by Correspondence, Assignments, Field Work, Written test and Personal Contact Program in addition to other forms of presentation. Throughout the course, Theory and Practice will be integrated. Professionals will be encouraged to pool experiences and draw on support of their colleagues.

Requirement for Admission

  1. Graduate or its equivalente, preferably with six months experience of teaching or dealing with children.

  2. Preference will be given to serving teachers in recognized primary or middle schools, teaching languages / mathematics.

  3. Admission will be done on the basis of academic merit and teaching/work experience. The number of seats is 50 for each batch for this course. Admissions would be done on first come first serve basis.

Requirement for Completion

The achievement of the persons joining the course will be tested through

  1. Regular completion of assignments.

  2. Objective type- written test and practical examination after the completion of PCP.

  3. It will be compulsory for all trainees to attend PCP, as during this periodpractical training in identification, handling and managing the children with disability will be given. Hence, PCP is an essential part of the Courses (venue for PCP will ordinarily be at Chandigarh). It would be followed by six weeks internship / teaching practice in an Institution…to be certified by the Head of the Institution.

  4. If Possible ,INPA staff would assist in arranging for Accommodation for PCP as per requirement and suitability of the trainee, on expenses to be borne by the trainee.

In addition to the course fee as provide on the top, the candidate will be required to pay additional fee for video cassettes, the training kit and any other material to be supplied during PCP or later on. Fee, once deposited would not be refunded. However, in special case/s it can be forwarded for the next Batch (one time only).

Identity Card
Students will be issued an identity card by the association after their admission to any of the above course is confirmed. They should produce the Identity Card issued to them on demand during contact classes and examinations. Students are instructed to keep the identity cards safely till the completion of the course. The students can obtain a duplicate card on requisition along with a demand draft of Rs. 25/- and a stamped and signed photograph, in case the identity card is lost.

Despatch of Lessons / Correspondence Material
Lessons will be dispatched usually after one month of the admission or earlier. They are advised to correspond with the Director of the course, President of INPA if they do not receive the lessons within a reasonable period of time.

Response Sheets
Students will be informed about the number of above assignments etc. to be submitted for each Module as and when the lessons for various Modules / learning material are sent. The assignments and practical work shall be in the handwriting of the students concerned or mixed as guided during PCP. Last date for submission of the above would be announce on the last day of PCP of every Batch .Late submission of Assignments etc. up till one more month would be accepted with additional fine of Rs1,000/-. After that, trainee would submit them with the next Batch with late Fee Fine of Rs 2,000/-

Application Process
Prospectus including syllabus and application form may be obtained from the office of INPA against the payment of Rs 500 /- by bank draft/pay order payable to Indian National Portage Association at Indian National Portage Association (INPA), Karuna Sadan, First Floor, Room No. 14-15, Sector : 11-B,Chandigarh or can be paid in cash at INPA’s office.

The application form has to be submitted with the following enclosures:

  1. Certificates from 10th to Graduation or its equivalent along with detailed marks sheet duly attested.

  2. Additional Qualifications, if any.

  3. Attested copies of another course done along with the mark sheet.

  4. 2 Passport sized photographs.

List of Faculty (for both the courses)

  1. Dr. (Mrs.) Tehal Kohli, Director (Hon.) INPA

  2. Guest Faculty and experts from India and abroad (if and when possible) would be engaged during PCP which would generally be during 3rd & 4th week of August every year.

They will be invited during PCP from India (and abroad as and when possible), to provide practical training.