Service Profile of INPA

  1. Development of portage source material and other learning / training kits.

  2. Training of Portage Professionals, Para-professionals and Non-Professionals.
  3. Formation of Self-Help groups involving parents, families and community at the grass root level in the country.
  4. Providing consultation services to the parents, Portage professionals, and other NGOs working in similar or related areas.
  5. Clearing house for dissemination of information to Special Education Professionals, Para-Professionals and Non-Professionals.
  6. Consolidation of data and promotion of research projects in Child & Women / Families Welfare.
  7. Psychological Testing and Educational, Vocational and Personal guidance and remediation at all levels of Education.
  8. Setting up SPECIAL EDUCATION RESOURCE CENTRE at Chandigarh for service delivery, training programmes and other activities.
  9. Personnel Training of Professionals, Para-Professionals and Non-Professionals for dealing with special needs of children through various long / short term courses, seminars, workshops.
  10. Helping Zonal Representatives in establishing state level committees to promote Portage activities in their respective areas and provide feedback to the Headquarter.
  11. Networking with National and International Bodies involved in similar or related areas.
  12. Organizing conferences, workshops, seminars and need based training programmes.
  13. Monitoring and evaluating the services rendered at the state and zonal levels in the country.